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Achieving Success with Less Stress

This workshop will re-visit the expectations and challenges for the Researcher and how this may impact on personal well-being. Through self -reflection and discussion, participants will have an opportunity to reflect on their self –care and explore their own personal challenges going forward. Consideration will be given to helpful strategies they can practice to build self-confidence in managing their work, life and leisure balance.


markMark Robson joined the Trinity College Dublin Student Counselling Service in 2011. He attained a Higher Diploma in Psychology and a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology, both through Trinity College Dublin. Prior to studying psychology, he studied economics and philosophy to degree level. He meets with students for individual counseling, facilitates workshops and groups and is currently coordinating all training requests made to the SCS. This involves writing, developing and delivering training on such topics as supporting students in distress, self-care and resilience and perfectionism. He has gained experience working therapeutically with people of all ages from a wide variety of backgrounds and across a wide variety of settings. Mark practices as an integrative therapist drawing on humanistic, emotion-focused, psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral frameworks. He has a particular interest in how we make meaning of our experiences of painful emotion.