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Innovation for researchers in STEM, Humanities and Social Sciences

The political push for research and innovation is accompanied by a great hype on technological disruption, mostly from STEM. A missing piece of information in the current debate is that technological innovation is hardly disruptive. Disruptive innovation is brought about by solving new problems with existing capabilities. Researchers from all fields have the competences and skills to be disruptively innovative, with no need to discover or develop new technologies. In this interactive course, researchers will learn how to develop new business models to disrupt the marketplace.

Dr. Marco Masia is a freelancer Innovation Consultant. After working 10 years as Assistant Professor of Chemistry at the University of Sassari (Italy), he has graduated from a prestigious Executive MBA in Frankfurt, and founded and managed a tech start-up. With his background, Marco has a unique perspective on entrepreneurship which resonates with that of researchers. He works as trainer on entrepreneurship for researchers, and offers a portfolio of courses on innovation and entrepreneurship for recognized customers like the Max Planck Institutes and the EU funded Innovative Training Networks.