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Theory development

Theory and theory development are seen as crucial to making meaningful academic contributions to bodies of knowledge in management and organizational research. Despite its prominence, the constituent processes around theorizing are often left implicit, and not typically discussed or taught in doctoral training programs. The course addresses this very point; through a series of exercises, practical assignments and readings, participants will be trained in framing a contribution, become creative in combining perspectives, and develop skills in the articulation of novel ideas.



Omar Solinger works as an assistant professor in organizational behavior at the VU University Amsterdam. His current research seeks to re-interpret OB concepts and build process theories, with knowledge gained from high-density longitudinal research. His current studies are focused on job attitudes (the organizational commitment attitude), the psychology of change and transitions (e.g. socialization, organizational exit, and reactions to involuntary change), leadership, herding behavior, and construct re-design. Omar is also interested in inventing new research technologies which help gather high-density longitudinal data.  He has published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, Organization Science, and the Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology.