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Career management skills and employability

Researchers should be aware of their strengths and weaknesses when thinking of career possibilities. In this course, our goal is to make researchers reflect about their current skills and potential talents they bring to the labour market for both academia and industry. With this information and support from Susana, participants will be able to design a personalised employment strategy.



Dr. Susana de Juana is an assistant lecturer at the Department of Business Organization at the University of Alicante, Spain, and a member of the SIRHO research group. She earned her Ph.D. in business management in 2005. She has taught courses on IT/IS management, HRM, e-government and e-business. Her research topics include e-government, HRM, and online learning. She has published papers in various conferences and journals both nationally and internationally and is a member of numerous scientific and editorial boards. Susana has participated in several research projects and has also worked as a consultant.




Dr. Vicente Sabater has a Ph.D. in economics and is an associate professor in management at the University of Alicante (UA). He is a member of the Tourism Research Institute at the University of Alicante. He held the position of deputy head of the Department of Business Administration and is the director of the UA’s MBA Program. He is a module leader in different post graduate courses and is teaching in the area of Human Resources in several of them. Vicente also participates in the Research Group Information Systems and Human Resources in Organisations (SIRHO) and in the Research Group for Tourism Planning