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Entrepreneurship for Researchers 101

This 2-day workshop is structured to teach researchers how to navigate an entrepreneurial journey from idea generation to starting a business. Participants will work in class with the trainer from 9am to 5pm, and will conduct work in teams during class. Participants will be trained in state-of-the-art techniques to foster their creativity, and will learn how to start and manage an innovative business. The workshop will focus on core concepts in entrepreneurial capacity building. In addition, it will tailor specific elements to researchers strengths and weaknesses. Working in teams, participants will be trained to identify an entrepreneurial idea, make it profitable, improve on it, start a business, and deliver a successful product.


Dr. Marco Masia is a scientist and entrepreneur. With a MSc in Chemistry and a PhD in Physics, he has worked as a Professor of Theoretical Chemistry for ten years at the University of Sassari. He has published many high impact papers (in Science, and other highly ranked journals), participated in European projects, and collaborated with diverse research teams across the world. With a Masters of Business Administration from the Frankfurt School of Business, he has founded and managed a start-up, has managed a large non-profit organization, and currently advises start-ups and SMEs. The training syllabus draws from his unique experience in research, business and entrepreneurship, and management, and is tailored specifically to researchers.