REMO Conference Budapest 2023 – Registration for social events


This event is to register to the social events of the 2023 ReMo Conference at Budapest.




This page is to register to the social events of the REMO conference at Budapest, 13th–15th June 2023.

Contribution to the conference meals

Contribution to the conference meals is a mandatory part of participation. This amount covers all meals and some soft drinks and coffee for the three days of the conference.

Please note, considering the environment we serve only vegan and vegetarian meal options during the conference.

In case if you have any kinds of food sensitivity or allergies (gluten, lactose, peanuts etc), please inform us in comments. In case if we are informed in time, we are able to prepare your meal separately.


Dinner at VakVarjú Restaurant, Budapest (Address: 1061 Budapest, Paulay Ede street 7.)

We offer you the opportunity to join to an evening social event with the other participants of the conference. This event is a three-course dinner with unlimited drink consumption. Please see the menu below:

Vegan dinner:

  1. Kohlrabi cream soup with fried vegetables and dill oil
  2. Vegetable stuffed Pelmenyi with roasted broccoli and basil-tomato sauce
  3. Fruit salad

Vegetarian dinner:

  1. Andalusian gazpacho with feta crumbs and home made grissini
  2. Grilled goat cheese with apricot chutney and pomegranate green
    salad (V, GF)
  3. Strawberry cheesecake (LF, GF)

During the event we offer unlimited drinks the following:

Alcoholic beverages

(Wine selection)

Taschner Borház – Irsai Olivér 2022 (Sopron)
Pajzos – Megyer Pince T Furmint 2020 (Tokaj-hegyalja)
Pannonhalmi Főapátság Tricollis Rosé 2021/2022 (Pannonhalma)
(pinot noir, merlot, cabernet sauvignon cuvée)
VarjúPapa Sparkling Rosé 2022 (Ménes/Arad)
(feketeleányka, kadarka, merlot)
Eszterbauer „Nagyapám” Kadarka 2021 (Szekszárd)
St Andrea Áldás Bikavér 2020/21 (Eger)

Due to limited supplies of the wineries, the wine varieties can be changed without prior notice.
Draft beer: Soproni, AranyVarjú (handcraft, unfiltered), Edelweiss wheat beer, Mort Subite (cherry beer)
Heineken 0.0% (non-alcoholic bottled quality of light beer)

Non-alcoholic beverages
– Home made lemonade („old shcool”, elderflower, green apple, strawberry-basil, sugarfree)
– Fruit juices (100% orange, peach, apple)
– Ice tea (lemon or peach)
– Carbonated soft drinks (Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Fanta, Tonic,Ginger Ale)
– Nestlé Aquarel water with lemon (carbonated, non-carbonated)
– Coffee with milk, cream
– Black teas with honey and lemon


Important notice: Please note that we are able to provide you invoices of your purchase only if you chose the “invoice me” option during the payment procedure. Invoices will not be available after making the payment and after the conference. For invoice details you can use either the name and address fields of the registration or the comment field with the exact data and instructions. 

Additional information

Ticket type

Conference fee 13-15 June (contribution to meals), Conference fee 13-15 June (contribution to meals) + Vegan Dinner 14 June19:00, Conference fee 13-15 June (contribution to meals) + Vegetarian Dinner 14 June 19:00, +1 Dinner 14 June 19:00 (for your partner), I will participate online