Speak with experienced peers on particular challenges or opportunities you may encounter on your career path.

Why mentorship?

In just one to three mentoring sessions, you will find clarity in making certain decisions, overcoming challenges, and resolving internal conflicts that you may face in your research career. 

As a contributing factor to greater career satisfaction and productivity, mentorship is a essential to advancing sustainable careers in research. Whether you have been a researcher for several years now or you are just starting your PhD, it can be helpful to speak to someone from outside your professional circles as you face difficult decisions, challenges, or even new opportunities. 

SciLink works with vetted, experienced research mentors who are experts in a variety of disciplines or transversal skills. In addition to mentors with a research background, we also work with mentors and coaches who are outside the research community but familiar with the challenges that researchers face. Meet our mentors below.

How It Works:

  1. Select a mentor and contact us.
  2. SciLink conducts an intake and consults with the selected mentor.
  3. SciLink facilitates an agreement on number of sessions, mentorship fees, and post-mentorship experience between the mentee and the mentor.
  4. You meet your mentor! 
  5. Mentee and mentor complete post-session evaluations so we can continuously improve.

Our mentors

These experts are either fellow researchers or external coaches that specialize in working with researchers. Each mentor has an area of expertise they are able to mentor or coach. 

Stefan Mol, PhD

Mentors in: organizational behavior, work and organizational psychology, career choices, research ethics, research methods, research design, and doctoral research supervision Languages: English and Dutch

Marco Masia, MBA, PhD

Mentors in: entrepreneurship, career choices, science policy, management. Languages: English, Italian, Spanish

Petra Ardai

Mentors in: life and career coaching, communication skills, conceptualizing research, human centered design research methods and process. Languages: Hungarian, Dutch, English

Gábor Kismihok, PhD

Mentors in: project management, research funding, research group leadership, doctoral research supervision. Languages: English, German, Hungarian

Brian Cahill, PhD

Mentors in: effective communication with stakeholders, research funding for early-career researchers. Languages: English and German

Ruben Brave

"Mentors in: startup initiation & upscaling (the "what"), professional effectiveness & networking (the "how"), business spirituality (the "why"). Languages: English, Dutch

Become a mentor

Interested in giving back to early career researchers? SciLink is looking for active researchers to join our mentorship pool. Contact us to learn more.

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