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Transversal and research skills essential for career advancement.

REMO Conference Budapest 2024 – Registration for social events
This event is to register to the social events of the 2024 ReMo Conference at Budapest.
REMO Conference Budapest 2023 – Registration for social events
This event is to register to the social events of the 2023 ReMo Conference at Budapest.
Doctoral Summer School – Prague, 16-17 September 2022
This event is to register to the Doctoral Summer School in Prague 16-17 September 2022.
Skills for a successful supervisory relationship
Pre-registration is open! With pre-registering you can inform us about your interest about this course without commitment,...


Get one-on-one guidance and advice on particular challenges or career pathways from peer researchers.

Have you begun the exciting but high pressure process of commercializing your research? Speak with a researcher-entrepreneur to help you navigate the roadblocks you may find on your journey.

Should you take that postdoc position? Even if it means moving your family? Discuss tough decisions that impact your professional and personal life.

Struggling to fund or publish your research? Learn from peers who have had great success on funding proposals and published articles in top peer review journals. 

Looking for training or mentoring opportunities for your institution Marie Curie Doctoral Network Horizon Europe Project funding proposal ?

Provide early academics and researchers with flexible pathways for their professional development with coaching and courses taught by experienced and active researchers across Europe.

SciLink Learning Grant: Accessible training

SciLink is committed to leveling the playing field in researcher professional development. We believe that all researchers should have opportunities to build upon their skillset and create a sustainable career path in their research discipline. The SciLink Learning Grant provides a number of researchers either a free or highly subsidized spot in one of our courses.

Receive a consultation on your skills program!

Whether you are a graduate school office, research department, or an individual researcher, SciLink offers consultations on your current or future skills program. Together we assess your needs and areas of development. 


Advancing sustainable research careers for graduate students through training in mental wellbeing, open science, and communication skills

managing stress in academia; achieving success with less stress

Using goal setting and labor market information, we are establishing an open and personalised training method to improve researchers’ mental wellbeing and career development.

Our Projects

SciLink is active in various partnerships with universities and other NGOs on projects working towards modern professional development in openscience, mental health, and communication for early career researchers across Europe.

Looking for a partner to provide transversal skills training or mentorship for an upcoming proposal? Please get in touch with us.

Our partners

We are proud to partner with leading European universities as well as other organizations committed to researcher development

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