SciLink Learning Grant

Enabling accessible researcher professional development in transversal and research skills

Advancing opportunities for early career researchers

In today’s growing competitive landscape in research careers, it has become more important than ever for early career researchers to obtain the interdisciplinary skills needed for their selected career path. Yet, many researchers are unable to access professional development opportunities that make them more competitive candidates. 

SciLink is committed to leveling the playing field in researcher professional development. We believe that all researchers should have opportunities to build upon their skillset and forge a sustainable career path. 

The SciLink Learning Grant is intended to support early career researchers who lack professional development opportunities either in their institution or locality. The grant provides a number of researchers either a free or highly subsidized spot in one of our courses. The grant is open for each current open course


To be eligible, researchers must submit an application form describing their research and the value a particular course would have on their research project and/or professional development. 

While all researchers are welcome to apply, special consideration is given to the researcher’s geographical location (i.e.  East Europe, Asia, Africa, etc). A committee reviews the applications and waives course fees for maximum 2 researchers and subsidizes maximum 4 researchers to attend their chosen course at a greatly reduced rate (99 EUR). 

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The SciLink Learning Grant supports early career researchers who lack access to career development opportunities at their institution.

PhD students and Postdoc Fellows who demonstrate the impact of their research to the wider society and their involvement in the research community may apply for free learning opportunities that give them and their research projects a more competitive edge.

The SciLink Foundation relies on the generous support of donors to make the SciLink Learning Grant possible.

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