SciLink Foundation – Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions outlines:

  1. Training registration guidelines for for online and in-person training formats
  2. Terms of providing and delivering training
  3. Events of cancellations
  4. Complaint regulations

1.Training registration guidelines

By applying to the event, institutional clients and participants automatically accept the below terms and conditions.

1.1 Course details and content

Varies depending on the topic of the course.

1.2 Trainer information

Varies depending on the topic of the course.

1.3 The price includes

Varies depending on the topic, delivery format, location and nature of the course.

1.4 When registering, participants agree to SciLink’s Private Policy

1.5. Institutional clients

Institutional clients have explicit terms and conditions that are agreed upon per tailored contract. These terms and conditions will outline participant minimums/maximums, payment schedules, course content agreements, and any other terms that SciLink and institutional partners deems necessary to include.

2. Terms of providing and delivering training

2.1 Online Training

SciLink is not responsible for providing participants the technology required to participate in a SciLink Course. Participants will need to secure their own access to: internet, a computer. SciLink courses are delivered through Zoom, a free and accessible video conference service. For optimal performance, participants should download the desktop version of Zoom.

2.2 In-Person Training

SciLink works with institutional clients to provide on-site or in-person training. SciLink is only responsible for carrying out the terms and conditions set forth in the agreed upon contract. SciLink cannot be held responsible or liable for any injury to participants, issues that arise from the facility of where the training is to be held,  or any force majeure events that are not in SciLink’s control.

2.2.3 Travel and Accommodation

Applicants should not book any flight or accommodation in relation to this event before the organisers confirm their participation. Confirmation about the payment comes when the number of course registrations reaches the minimum requirement, but no later than 30 calendar days before the course.

Participants must arrange travel and accommodation themselves at their own costs. SciLink is not responsible for any travel cancellations/delays,  late arrivals to the training, or problems with accomodation. SciLink highly recommends the purchase of travel insurance.

2.3 Copyright and Intellectual Property Owners

The course materials provided by SciLink are protected by copyright; whereas course materials provided by the trainer are owned by them. Replication or dissemination of copyrighted materials by participants is not appreciated.

Content and work created by participants during a SciLink training is owned by the participant.


3.Cancellation policy

3.1 In the event that SciLink cancels a course

There is a minimum number of required registrations for a course. If this minimum is not met, then the course will be canceled, and all registered participants will receive a full refund. The minimum required registrations varies depending on the course.

SciLink reserves the right to cancel an individual registration if payment is not received or at least confirmed to be in an organization’s procurement process (in the event a participant’s employer will pay for the course on the participant’s behalf) within 5 business days.

3.2 Participant Cancellations

SciLink Foundation is looking forward to your attendance. We keep our classes to a limited size to maximise your learning potential. However, we also recognise that outside factors can affect your ability to participate in our courses.

SciLink Foundation reserves the right to cancel courses based on minimum attendance requirements, or other unforeseen reasons (e.g. sickness of the instructor). In the unlikely event that we need to cancel an event, we will make every effort to support participants with information prior to the course commencement. Participants will have the choice between credit towards the next available course, or a full refund minus booking fees.

If you need to cancel your booking or contract, our cancellation policy is outlined as follows:

3.2.1 Generally 

All participants and institutional clients have the right of withdrawal of 14 days after course registration or a 14 day period from receiving a contract to signing a contract. After 14 days of registration or a upon receipt of a signed contract by both parties, there is no refund available. For institutional clients, the advance payment will not be returned.

Individual participant registrations made within a 14 day period of course commencement and are cancelled within that period will receive either a 50% refund. OR they can use the full amount paid towards a course in the future.

To cancel your booking, please contact our office via email at [email protected].

3.2.2 Online Courses

Participants of online courses will not receive a refund for course cancellations after the right of withdrawal period has ended (14 days). Participants may be invited to attend a course in the future of equal or lessor value if there is enough availability. SciLink is not obligated to uphold this invitation.

3.2.3  In-Person Courses

Participants who may cancel their participation in a in-person course after the 14 day right to withdraw period will not receive an invitation for a future in-person training course. Instead they may receive an invitation to attend a future online training of equal or lessor value if there is enough availability. SciLink is not obligated to uphold this invitation.

SciLink Foundation accepts no liability for costs incurred, including but not limited to, accommodation expenses, travel expenses and travel insurances.


4. Complaints

If in any case, you need to submit a complaint related to a SciLink event, you may following the below procedure:

  1. Send an email to [email protected] in which you describe the experienced issue and are as detailed as possible to help us completely understand your problem. We ensure your anonymity and will treat confidentially all details provided, however to identify the case and handle your problem and help to solve issues the best possible way, we need to identify the exact case.
  2. Please address your email to Adam Keszler, Managing Director of the foundation.
  3. SciLink will do everything to respond to the query in not more than four weeks.
  4. Complaints are to be handled within a four week period. If more time is needed to study, the complaint, the participant will be informed within the time period set, stating the reasons for the delay.

Please note that we record all complaints and keep them in our database for at least 7 years for quality control purposes. If you have any problems with this or do not agree to record, please explicitly ask this during or at the end of the process.

If the complaint cannot be resolved and becomes a dispute, it can be submitted to Dr. Gábor Kismihók, Head of Learning and Skill Analytics Lab at the Leibniz Information Center for Science and Technology University Library (TIB). The cost of the complaint is barred by the SciLink Foundation. The appeal body’s verdict is binding or SciLink. SciLink will take any measures required and will do so promptly.